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* Even though this program is our #1 recommendation for starting an online business in 2020, we cannot guarantee everyone will get results.
Your results depend on your work ethic and other factors - please see our legal disclaimer and terms of service for more information
Our innovative services are tested for effectiveness to take any business to the next level no matter your business model or niche. We've already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their first business, automate their existing business, and manage and consult on modern strategies. When you work with us, we promise to pay attention to detail and your individual needs. Every service we offer is performed in-house with the most exacting standards.
Power Day for Amazon FBA
Liz Herrera has extended the opportunity to work one-on-one with select beginning, intermediate, and advanced Amazon Sellers. Liz and her team will walk you through Liz's exact systems, hand select a profitable Amazon product for you, give you her personal SOPs, hand over her most treasured contacts, and hold your hand through a 90 day launch process.
Marketing Funnel Creation
With thousands of hours of experience, millions of dollars in ad spend, and tens a millions of dollars in revenue; we've put in the time and the money to know how to make incredible funnels for your business. We'll pull back the curtain on our entire funnel creation process and coach you through the entire process as we work together to design the ultimate marketing funnel for your business.
Advertising Management
Whether you're a service provider, coach, consultant, have an info product, run B2B services, or any other business model or product; then you NEED a constant and predictable flow of high quality prospective customers coming through your marketing funnel. We help you get exactly that by managing your Advertising campaigns for you (Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc...)!
Where did this all start?
This unique agency (I Build Your Brand) started out as an experiment

An experiment that ended up going horribly right...

You see, after Liz Herrera had already built a 7 figure per year Amazon business and established herself as an authority in the world of marketing, she began to wonder if she could offer Done For You services to other Amazon sellers.

She wondered if she could really help other Amazon sellers who were struggling by doing their keyword research, copywriting, product launches, etc...

After getting crazy results for her clients, she decided to expand her reach. But there was one BIG question that needed to be answered.

How can you help start-up Amazon sellers AT SCALE?
"How can just one person touch the lives of thousands of start-up Amazon sellers to help them realize their entrepreneurial dreams live a more fulfilling life?"
The key here was figuring out how Elizabeth could help her ideal customers AT SCALE!

And so her journey to find an answer to this burning question began!

We'll spare you the details of this long journey and instead provide a brief summary:

After investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in masterminds and coaching, she realized that she could actually automate the delivery of content and results to clients by creating a course... so she did just that!

Liz spent several weeks packaging a step-by-step program to help Amazon sellers with their businesses - covering everything from A to Z.

...but then it was time to sell that course.
How do you SELL your course?
Well... that's where the nearly quarter million dollars that Liz Herrera spent on education comes in!

Liz discovered that BY FAR, the most effective marketing strategy that could be used to sell any info product, course, mastermind, service, etc... is a Webinar Marketing Funnel.
"Our mission is: to empower entrepreneurs internationally by over delivering value to them. To help entrepreneurs overcome their fear, build a bulletproof mindset, and make the most accurate and informed decisions through strategic and proven coaching. We will empower entrepreneurs so they can expand their reach, improve their profitability, and get their solutions into the hands of the people who need and deserve them. By doing this, we will help to change and improve the world with the vision of the entrepreneur we serve."

- Elizabeth Herrera, CEO
A strong base is critical to the success of any brand. We ALWAYS cover the basics, and we ensure you have a strong foundation in place BEFORE deploying advanced strategies. We'll help you get clear on your vision and goals, and then we'll execute and deploy strategies in that direction.
Facebook, Amazon, Google, Instagram, YouTube, and all other major platforms have their own unique audiences and frequent updates. We make sure your products and brand stay in compliance with updates and remain relevant to the context of these modern platforms.
Once a strong foundation is in place, and marketing is deployed in a 2018 platform context, we then begin to INNOVATE cutting edge strategies to give you an overwhelming advantage over the competition and get you in front of more customers. This equates to more sales, profit, and impact.
Stop Losing Sales to Your Competition
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