About I Build Your Brand
I Build Your Brand - ibuildyourbrand.com - is an industry leading internet marketing firm built to over-deliver for every service it provides, every client it accepts, and business it partners with. They have developed a specialized team of E-Commerce strategists, Amazon SEO legends, web designers, converting copywriters, foreign sourcing experts, authors and coders. 

By pioneering new methods, they have found success where others have failed. Elizabeth Herrera is the CEO of I Build Your Brand, and her philosophy is taking fast action and getting immediate results for her clients. While they don’t guarantee incredible ROIs on all of their services, they excel at delivering substantial value for their clients and promise professional services backed by massive results.
Meet Elizabeth Herrera
CEO and Chief Marketer @ I Build Your Brand
7 Figure Per Month Amazon Seller
Elizabeth Herrera is an internet entrepreneur known for her ability to recognize opportunity in the online marketplace and seize it. In 2015, she was recorded to have made Multi-Millions of Dollars via selling on Amazon.com. Her "secret" at the time was using YouTube to expand her reach to her audience and grab the attention of her customers.

Leveraging her ability to recognize undervalued opportunities, Elizabeth Herrera continues to grow and scale her physical product businesses on Amazon into 7-Figure per month revenue generating businesses. Her brands and companies continue to be successful in 2017.
E-Commerce Coach & Consultant
Elizabeth is also known for her sharing and Pay-It-Forward philosophy in life. Taking on apprenticeships and mentoring hundreds of people, Liz 'Hurricane' Herrera spreads her wealth of knowledge to those who are willing to learn Internet Marketing and skills of business.

Furthermore, Liz takes on individuals and businesses as her partners and or clients. Similar to her own businesses, these partners and clients get to experience the fruits of her labors as she continues to seek and find opportunities in the online marketplace for growth.

In the image, Liz is seen coaching thousands of up and coming entrepreneurs live on the Tai Lopez Show - an online show hosted by internet entrepreneur and influencer Tai Lopez, founder of Knowledge Society.
Internet Marketing Keynote Speaker
Elizabeth Herrera has been called upon by many marketers and entrepreneurs to speak at their events. She has been a keynote speaker at OMG Live 2015, OMG Live 2016, Mass Conversions Live 2016, Alex Becker's Ten Pillars of Wealth, and the Amazon Millionaire Summit 2015 (just to name a few).

Known for her eccentric personality, energetic presentations, and humor - Liz has been coined Elizabeth 'Hurricane' Herrera - because she always brings in a storm of excitement and intrigue to events.

Parallel to her coaching, mentoring, and partnerships; Elizabeth speaks with the primary intent to bring value to her audience, showing them how they can leverage internet marketing opportunities to grow their physical products businesses and become financially independent.
Professional Networker
Elizabeth Herrera is known to have an exclusive inner circle of expert internet marketers and entrepreneurs who invest a collective 8-Figures per Year into research and development to make sure that you have the most up to date information.
OMG Machines Partner
Elizabeth Herrera is also an active partner of OMGmachines.com where she teaches and mentors students. Her primary focus in the company is keeping students up to date on the latest opportunities in Amazon.com physical product businesses.
Mindset Master
A Top 10 World Ranked online poker player, Liz has studied the mind and was featured in Jarred Tenders book THE MENTAL GAME OF POKER. Liz had a successful career in online poker; however, physical product businesses are her new forte.
Meet The Rest of the Team
Robert Bowser - Team Management
Robert Bowser's managerial background is the product of 30 years of managing experience in several exclusive night clubs of Miami, FL. He has been involved with client services since 1992 and has founded and run a successful client services company based in Florida. In addition to working with I Build Your Brand, he also runs an Amazon Seller Business.
Mandy Payne - Sourcing & Logisitics
Amanda Payne - once a top 100 Amazon reviewer, Mandy saw opportunity in the Amazon Marketplace and took an immersive approach to sourcing. Throwing herself into China and the Chinese culture to meet manufacturers in 2014, she has built hundreds of profitable relationships overseas. Mandy also runs an Amazon Seller Business while she works with I Build Your Brand.
Joshua Hudson - Brand Manager
Joshua Hudson is an internet entrepreneur who found himself in apprenticeship with Elizabeth Herrera after joining OMGmachines.com. An internet marketing generalist who is studying Computer Information Systems at Clemson University, he handles client and partner relations. Like both Robert and Mandy, he runs his own Amazon business as well.
Justin Thompson - Video Marketing
Justin Thompson is another member of the OMGmachines.com community who has joined the I Build Your Brand team. He works as a marketing generalist and manages all video production and marketing. Justin studied film production at the University of California LA.
Cheryl Granatell - Graphic Design
Cheryl Granatell is an externally contracted (outsourced) designer for I Build Your Brand. With over 20 years of experience in graphic design, Cheryl designs most of the digital media for I Build Your Brand; including logos, product packaging, watermarks, and more.
Lisa Mathias - Content Manager
Lisa Mathias is an externally contracted content creator for I Build Your Brand. With years of experience as a content manager in multiple verticals, she was instrumental in developing and deploying Liz's famous Press Release strategy for Amazon products.
Princess - Social Media Management
Princess is the loyal, furry feline that manages all social media accounts at I Build Your Brand... While she tries to spend time posting selfies on Snapchat and Facebook, she is always looking for food. This pretty much explains why we're lacking in the social media department.
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