Generates Profitable Product Ideas for Your Amazon Business...
Get your sourcerer's spreadsheet that will tell you  - IN THE CLICK OF A BUTTON - if you can make money on Amazon with any product!
The Simple Tool that Instantly Automates Sourcing!
This excel sheet instantly tells you if your product will profitably sell on Amazon... And it all happens in the click of a few buttons!
  • Designed around Elizabeth Herrera's 7 Steps to Perfect Product Sourcing on Amazon.
  • Requires no experience in selling on Amazon or any other E-Commerce platform.
  • Powerful and easy to understand suggestions.
  • Spreadsheet automatically does all the heavy lifting for you in the click of 2 buttons!
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Additional Terms of Service
  •    Operating Systems: If your computer uses an operating system other than Windows or Mac OSX (such as Linux), this will not work for you.
  •    Microsoft Excel: You need an official license of Microsoft Office Excel, version 2006 or later, to run this software.
  •  Jungle Scout: You will need a copy of the jungle scout pro extension for this sheet to work. This is available in a link inside of the spreadsheet.
  •    Refund Policy: This product is offered by and is consistent with the Refund Policy in the Terms of Service of I Build Your Brand. A refund will not be issued for failure to abide by any of the limitations described above.
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